Terai Forest Escape Game

Terai Forest Escape

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You're having a hard time sleeping at night. It seems like no matter how hectic your day was, your mind will just remain alert at night. You try to tire yourself out during the day hoping drowsiness will visit you at night. However, you only feel tired with a busy mind. So you're thinking that maybe what you need is a change of environment. You're always stuck in your workplace with a minimum break time. Your colleagues are all too busy to talk to you and the sound you're hearing are just those from machines. You search for a place to spend a day just to relax and enjoy your free time. Your search leads you to Terai Forest. This forest is new to your ears but it sounds interesting enough to visit. You set the time and date and didn't even invite anyone else.

You arrive there and immediately enjoy the forest. It's so peaceful and it seems like your mind can truly rest for a while there. But after a few more minutes of exploring the place, you find some things that are quite disturbing yet at the same time thrilling. Play Terai Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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