Timberland Forest Escape

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Timberland Forest was named after a famous celebrity who composed his music there. It was just a barren land at first. But after he mentioned the location, people started going there. They saw how barren the land was and immediately associated it with the animated movie of the celebrity. It seemed like they wanted to bring more color to it. So they formed a group and started planting trees there. Over the years, the trees grew healthy and also grew in number. The celebrity also helped with his fans’ efforts. Then the authorities of the place decided to name it after the celebrity to remember how his fans’ gathered and made such a positive impact. You really liked stories like these. So you wouldn’t pass up the chance to visit the forest yourself. You planned to come with your complete vlogging gear.

You arrived at the forest and was in awe of the great effort to make this land a forest. The trees seemed to have some markings on them. And with closer inspection, you saw that it was from other celebrities who sponsored some trees. You were so into looking at their names on each tree that you slowly lost your way. Play Timberland Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.