Teen Fashion House Escape Game

Teen Fashion House Escape

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When Sandra moved to the house where she will be staying for maybe more than 1 year, she had extra money to redecorate the place and she did which after a month, the place now looks like a teen's house, well she is a teen and this achievement of hers is kind of a big feat for her. At least her house looks trendy now and the next one she is targeting is the garden outside. Sandra was fixing-up some stuff in her home one day, but when she tried her doors so she can check the exterior designs of the place, it seems that the thing is a bit stuck for she can't get it to open!

Sandra tried her best to open the door and when she went to go get some tools, that door keeping the tools in is also locked! Sandra had been given a real challenge here which she doesn't even know how that happened, but she is going to solve it for this is her house and absolutely she must. Escape players, will you help her out in solving this mysterious house problem?

Teen Fashion House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by WoW Escape.

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