Summer Tropical Beach Escape Game

Summer Tropical Beach Escape

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You felt like summer was officially over when classes started. However, your friends prepared a last farewell for summer til it came around once more. There was a beach that all of you dreamed of visiting. But because of conflicting schedules, you always had to push back the date. Fortunately there was a long weekend. You couldn't let summer go so easily. And your friends must have felt the same. It took you almost eight hours to reach the place but you were very fine with it. It was still better than having to continue wishing of being there. You slept most of the way to the beach. The sunshine was peeking through the window and seemed to caress your face. You opened your eyes to a summer tropical beach paradise. Right then and there you wished to stay a little longer than planned.

So upon stepping out of the vehicle, you immediately grabbed your wide brimmed hat to explore the place. After a few hours, your friends were already asking for a pause. But you didn't want to waste any moment and kept on moving around. The scenery kept you busy enough to lose your way back. Play Summer Tropical Beach Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape and get back to your friends.

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