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Escape Little Boy
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You also wondered why you were chosen as the head guard. But one conversation with your superior made you understand. You were at the kitchen late at night when your superior said he would soon retire. It was not a good news for you. However, you knew he also had to take it easy being old. So you asked him about the tips and tricks you could use in guarding the place. Instead of answering your question, he gave you another question. He asked you about the strangest thing that may happen standing guard for the royal family. You didn't hesitate to tell him about the use of magic. You realized what you said and expected a laugh from him. But he only slowly nodded his head. Then your conversation led to the discussion of the measure to take when things like this happen.

It was only a few days after your discussion when you heard the rest of your team panicking. You ordered them all to stay still and tell you what was happening. Someone hid the little boy of the family you were guarding somewhere in the property. The boy might still be inside. But you had to move fast to get to him. Play Escape Little Boy room escape game by Avm Games.

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