Lake Way Boy Rescue

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The lake is the place to be. Many people go here during summer. They often jump in the lake and play in the water. That is such a nice thing to do but that is not what you want right now. You would rather stay by the lake and read your favorite book. With that, you went to a far part of the lake so you can enjoy peace away from the kids. While you were reading your books, you heard something. It sounds like a boy and sounds like he is not having fun. In fact, what you can hear is the word help. A boy is in trouble so you quickly searched for him. Thankfully, you saw him right away.

On the other note, this boy is in trouble. He can’t find the way out in this lake way. You would be glad to help him out but the problem is, you can’t also find the way out. On the good note, there are hints along the way that can help you to find the right way. However, there are puzzles that will block your way and you have to solve those to escape. Lake Way Boy Rescue is the newest outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule. Good luck!