Beach Tower Rescue Game

Beach Tower Rescue

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The bus going to the beach was filled with families. There were some crying children who got so bored during the ride. Then there were teens quarreling over something you didn't want to know. There were also the elders who talked loudly because they couldn't really hear each other. You just wore your headphones and tried to focus on the music you were listening to. This would be an amazing day at the beach. You were already imagining yourself laying down on your blanket, feeling the sun and hearing the waves of the sea. Then you would go to the restaurant and have a feast on their specialties. After which you'd enjoy the relaxing and peaceful room specially prepared for you. You couldn't help but smile as you thought of all these. But your imagination had to stop when the bus already parked on its spot.

You got out. And smelled the sea breeze. You went to your room to prepare for your day at the beach. But upon leaving, you saw a little boy walking on his own. You watched him hoping someone would accompany him. However, he entered the beach tower alone. You thought he would be able to leave by himself. But it seemed like he needed help. Play Beach Tower Rescue outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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