Stylish Villa Escape Game

Stylish Villa Escape

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You should've spent a little more time in getting to know the person you're going with. However, he seemed so nice and charming that you couldn't help but fall for his words. He invited you to check out a villa. It was quite a coincidence since you were looking for a property to invest in. All the while he kept on talking about the features of the villa. You couldn't wait to see it for yourself. He was selling it at a high price at first. But you managed to reach an agreement and you settled for it. After the bus ride which took around half an hour, you arrived at a stylish villa. It was gorgeous on the outside and you couldn't wait to see what was inside. The stranger still kept on talking to you making sure that you take a look inside.

You were surprised to see that there was someone inside already. It was another stranger who had similarities with the one you were talking to. It turned out that he was his brother. He aid he was just making sure that the house was in a good condition. But as they walked towards the kitchen, you over heard them talking about being free. They headed for the exit instead of the kitchen. And you now took the place of the trapped brother. Play Stylish Villa Escape room escape game by 365 Escape.

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