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Escape Villa

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This villa is the place to be. You don't ever want to get out of this villa because it is very relaxing indeed. And not only that, everything that you need is already in this place. However, when you realized that you need someone to talk to, you called your friends. You realized that not everything that you need is in this villa. You need friends so you asked them to come over to play some video games. Thankfully, they all agreed. This would be very fun but the fun stopped for a while when you realized that the door has some issues. It won't open and this is the puzzle that you have to solve quickly. Your friends will come anytime soon so you have to be quick. They will surely go home if they knew that they can't even enter your villa.

So, you have to start right now and look for clues that can help you to find the key. Without the key, the door won't open so you need it badly. But just in case that the key won't work, you also have to collect items that can help you to open the door. Escape Villa is another mind boggling room escape game made by Hidden O Games. Good luck!

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