Strange Forest Game

Strange Forest

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You need to have a fresh air and some quiet time after a few days of hectic work. You usually look at the plants on the rooftop for some peace. However, with the things you've been through for the week, even the plants seem to have no effect. So you decided to find a place surrounded with many trees. You took your car and drove on the road. Even if you don't know about the area much, you have your GPS to guide you. What you were looking for was any place with many trees. You can enter from any point and just sit on the fallen log. A few hours of drive away from the city, you saw some trees lining up the road. You looked for a parking space then entered the forest. It gave you the feel of the dark forest.

It was strange. Light turned into darkness with just a few steps inside it. You thought it was just the leaves of the trees. However, in every direction you look, there was darkness. And because of this, you were disoriented. So you have to interact with the objects you find. Then find your way out. Play Strange Forest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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