Stunt Doors Escape

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The house is going to be the house for the stunt and that’s why the place is temporary and in the bigger picture, the house doesn’t look at all natural. That day, Carlo was in there for he works as a stuntman before and right-now, he is for safety purposes there before the shoot begins a day later there. He is alone for the staff is working at another place, but soon he doesn’t have to worry about that, for the rooms will be packed a day later. But before that’s to happen though, guess fate wanted to pull a prank on him first, for as he was checking everything in the rooms there, he could no longer get out for the doors are now tightly locked!

Carlo have no idea what happened, but he is in charge of this place here and he needs to fix this problem before this house will be used. He must not destroy anything there though or risk ruining a part of the venue either minor or major. Escape players, you are now Carlo here and the escape from the stunt house is crucial, especially that Carlo has no idea how this happened. Will you be able to escape and then find answers on what caused this?

Stunt Doors Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.