Stone Age Forest Escape Game

Stone Age Forest Escape

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For most part of the year, your house was in a state of neglect. You were all busy with so many stuffs that cleaning the house wasn't a priority. It had been like this for so many years. Only those areas exposed were cleaned. The rest were still in its original state. The house was bought from a family who left for another country. They were the last ones remaining and they wanted to be with their relatives there. Your grandparents bought the house and passed it down to your parents. So some of the things inside were still from the previous family. You didn't really have the free time to really check out the items they left. Then a long weekend came. You promised to clean the house and so you did. You needed to wear a mask with all the accumulated dust. Just then your brush touched something.

It had a thick dust that you needed to brush it hard. You opened the box and you saw a ring inside. In one movie, the main character rubbed the ring and he found himself in another world. You tried it and the same thing happened. You found yourself in a stone age forest where you instantly felt the urge to escape. Play Stone Age Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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