Alien Escape (Nsr Games) Game

Alien Escape (Nsr Games)

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While you were on your spaceship, you couldn't help but be in awe at the beauty of the Earth. You may be biased because of the song of your robot friends. However, you just couldn't deny it. And it became your biggest dream to visit the planet. Your world has a rule for visiting planets. Only those who knew the greatest about the target location could go. This was a measure to make sure that the visitor would be able to return to his home planet. So you read up on all the information you could find. You took a long time in memorizing the facts. Then the day for choosing the visitor came. You were very nervous. But you trusted your memory. You surprised the proctors at how fast you answered the questions. There was no doubt that you would finally reach Earth.

However, you landed on the part of the Earth that you weren't familiar with. And you only memorized the facts but didn't think much about how to react in certain situations. You couldn't just ask for help from your own planet though. It was a deal that you'd find your own way around and out of the place you chose. Play Alien Escape (Nsr Games) room escape game by NSR Games.

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