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Deluxe Room Escape

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Robert wasn't the smartest in your group. Although he was not dumb. It was just that he wasn't exposed to the many technologies developed. He lived in the mountains and even if he worked in the city, he only stayed in his office. So every time you saw a favorable schedule, you would invite him to stay in various hotels. You really liked seeing his expressions when interacting with computers and other automatic stuffs. Sometimes he would be too scared to touch things. You would make fun of him at times. Yet most of the time, you would let him discover how things worked. You and your other friends were planning a trip somewhere and you wanted him to be at ease. You were about to book another modern hotel when your friend called you. He said he had some spare deluxe room that you could use.

Robert was up for it. So you went over to your friend's property. You let Robert took charge of the interaction with the machines. Although he messed up a couple of times, he was able to get you inside the room. Your friend did a good job with the design and features. But it was a challenge for Robert to find a way out of it. Play Deluxe Room Escape room escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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