Deer Range Forest Escape Game

Deer Range Forest Escape

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Japan gave you more than enough time with the deer. However, you still seemed to not get enough of them. So you looked for some places near you that could offer the same experience. You badly wanted to go back to Japan but it was just not affordable at the moment. Your search showed you a deer range forest just a few kilometers away from your location. You immediately went to your car to check on the fuel. It looked good and you wasted no time in getting there. The ride going to the location was really smooth. You enjoyed the sun and the green surrounding. This made you want to just drive away for a few days while you were still free. Your thought wasn't even finished when the forest came into view. You looked around for a good parking space.

After securing your car, you walked towards the inside of the forest. It was so peaceful no one was there with you. It only took a few seconds for you to spot a deer. A smile immediately appeared on your face. You took out your camera and began snapping away. But you forgot to remember the route out. Play Deer Range Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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