Squirrel Monkey Escape Game

Squirrel Monkey Escape

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Kent was heading to the forest for there is said to be some rare species of monkeys there which can only be found in the place. He is eager to find one so he can observe it first-hand in the wild, how it moves and how it lives as an animal. He did find one fortunately after having such a difficult time in doing so, but unfortunately it was not in a good situation though and Kent was forced to do something about it.

Kent found a small door which was completely out of place in the wilderness, when he looked what's inside however, he was completely taken aback of what he found. Kent found a squirrel monkey inside that contraption! Kent did not expect to find the animal in such a situation and at first he did not know what to do, but then he got a little-bit of guts to take-care of this and because it is the welfare of the rare animal is in his mind, he decided to help that rare monkey so it can escape. He needs help here though escape players, will you lend that help with your skills?

Squirrel Monkey Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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