Spring Flower Fantasy Escape Game

Spring Flower Fantasy Escape

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You really wanted to visit a flower place. On a specific time every year, so many spring flower bloom there and you wanted to be there to witness it. However, to get there you needed so many documents and a visa. You didn't have the leisure time to process all these and your free days were short. One of your childhood dreams was to own a flower shop. You drew how it would look like. But it seemed like life had a different plan for you. Still, you held on your dreams. They may not happen immediately, but you'd work your way to make it happen. You scrolled through the various social media sites. And unknowingly you were viewing flowers. Then you saw an address that was just an hour bus ride away from your neighborhood. It had various colorful flowers and you just had to be there.

So you went there to look for some flowers for your house. And maybe you could make the owner your partner for your flower shop. The flowers here have a mystical charms that other places seemed to lack. You were ready to check out your flowers when you lost the path leading out. Play Spring Flower Fantasy Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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