Save The Fantasy Flower Girls

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There are fantasy beings living in this vast and mysterious land and most people would tend to stay away from the place. But not Oscar though, for he had been scouring the place for discoveries and he is not even scared of the strangeness of it! A lot of things have already happened to Oscar there as he fulfills his curiosity of the said wilderness, most are hard to explain but Oscar understands completely that they are the works of the place. That day though as he ventures in the place once more, he realized that there are magical beings that are actually helpless there, and lucky for them Oscar came across them.

These magical beings that are in trouble were small flower fairies. Oscar found them fascinating, they were small and gentle, they also seem to be feminine in looks. But never mind that for now though, for they are currently in some trouble and they need help! Oscar figured that out quickly, so okay then he’ll help them, but he needs to do this carefully for they seem to be very delicate. Escape players, Oscar needs to free these flower beings for they all seem to be trapped, want to help here then so that this can be solved even quicker?

Save The Fantasy Flower Girls is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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