Save The Fantasy Unicorn

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In the wonderland here which people don’t usually go, Arnold is the only person who can enter there for he knows some spells and one of them is entrance to the place. Arnold plans to meet up with one of the pillars of this fantastic place and it’s his good friend the unicorn. It is the only unicorn in the place and it is quite a powerful creature. But as weirdly as it sounds, something happened to it that day and it needs help!

It’s just in time that he came in this place here while this is happening, for surely he’ll help the unicorn not only because it is his friend, but it is also one of the creatures that keeps this place afloat. Escape players, imagine you are joining Arnold here in his attempt to help the unicorn. Want to assist so that this magical creature can be freed?

Save The Fantasy Unicorn is a brand new point-and-click fantasy rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Save The Fantasy Unicorn

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