Cave Town Escape Game

Cave Town Escape

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The company you were working for bought a piece of land to build a studio. This was your greatest project to date and everything had to look authentic. You were part of the team in charge of the location. So you spent most of your days drawing, lay outing, and looking for materials to use for the set. It took months before the vacant land became the cave town for your movie. Your brother was a great fan of your work. And he was always asking you to take him there. However, the location was far. And your schedule was pretty packed. You promised him that he'd be able to explore the place once the movie was over. Then again, after this project you worked on another one. The structures built on the land remained. They were reserving the set up for something else.

Your brother couldn't wait for you. So he looked for his own way to get to the cave town. Going around there was very tricky. You even got lost there yourself. And it took a lot of tries to find the way out. Then you heard of your brother's trip there and you immediately went after him. Play Cave Town Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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