Spooky Night Escape Ghostly Gate

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Ludwig doesn’t want to tackle this patch of wilderness here in the town for it is spooky in there especially at night, but he must for he is being pressured by somebody here to enter it and try to escape from it then or else. That or else is making Ludwig very concerned for in his life, that or else always has a heavy cost. So that evening he entered there and immediately the gate that seals the place closed.

Ludwig knows that if people get trapped in there they have a hard time escaping, but it isn’t impossible, it’s just difficult and he just hopes it’ll be a little bit easier for him. Escape players, Ludwig needs to win on this, want to help him then by finding items that can open this now locked gate?

Spooky Night Escape Ghostly Gate is a brand new point-and-click dark wilderness escape game released by Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Spooky Night Escape Ghostly Gate

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