Unlock The Ghostly Secrets

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It’s Halloween and now it is time to expunge the trapped spirits that had been living in Elton’s house. They had been tormenting him for a long time now and probably he had been tormenting them too, for no matter how they try to scare him he just wouldn’t leave for he strongly leans to the fact that this is his home and he is not going anywhere. Now it’s Halloween and he has a chance to get them out of the premises, but he needs to do this quick though and follow the instructions.

Elton’s first instruction is to try and find them in the house after he did the first things he needs to do. He had already done that and now it is time to find them somewhere in the house and get them out. Escape players, finding them might become difficult and scary, but will you still join Elton on this so that this will end successfully?

Unlock The Ghostly Secrets is the newest point-and-click indoor spooky escape game from Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Unlock The Ghostly Secrets

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