Space Station Escape Game

Space Station Escape

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Eugene woke-up and found himself in a strange place which was familiar to him, the only strange thing was why he was there, in a secret facility which can launch itself from the moon to low-Earth orbit and back. He remembered clearly sleeping on his bed and now he is here potentially in a mission. The organization had done this a few times to him that's why he panicked only just a little-bit, he can't really say no to this for he signed a contract, even then they should have asked him while he was awake and not take him from his sleep like a cow on a field pulled by aliens. That's why Eugene decided enough is enough, he needs to talk to his superiors but first, he must escape from this sealed room now.

Escape players, Eugene is kind of confused of his room for the locks there seems new, he can't possibly open this easily for he was never trained for it, but it's not like it is unsolvable. Want to join Eugene here on his attempt to escape and carefully too? Go ahead then and careful is what you need here, for you might open an airlock directly pointing to space!

Space Station Escape is the newest point and click space escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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