Space Girl Escape

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Clint works as a honorable astronaut and in his time, space exploration have already commenced and it’s so advanced now that there is even a colony on the moon! Clint lives on that colony, specifically in its military base for he is also in the army before he became a space man. There is less work recently and the colony is peaceful, but something happened there that day though where a new tech is being tested and that is a transporter in short.

The science is slightly complicated with this machine, it basically brings people from A to B no matter what the distance in seconds! But it’s not a perfect one yet though and that day, it managed to transport some girl from transporter A back at earth to B which is here! The transport was actually accidental and that is really confusing Clint, for when the machine powers-up it always involves many people but this time it just happened, and it even transported and unwitting person! Clint is on the move now for he is currently the officer there near the machine, he must get that girl out of there for as it looks the advanced unit is currently still not stable. Escape players, you are now Clint here and rescuing the girl from the transporter is the job. Will you be able to get her out and quickly before the thing acts-up again?

Space Girl Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Space Girl Escape

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