Long Run 01 Game

Long Run 01

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James have been on the run for months now and he had already exhausted way too much of his resources most especially his rescue from his friends, now he is on his own being chased-down by the authorities in the wilderness and they are getting nearer and nearer everyday. James knows that he is not guilty of the crime he was accused of and as the authorities are trying to get him, the real perpetrator is sitting-pretty in his home or whatever watching everything that he or she had planned unfold. That's why James made it his mission if he ever can escape from this situation, that he'll catch that perpetrator himself.

Escape players, James will be going through more challenges though, and right-now he is in a forest house which looks like it had been abandoned suddenly at that instant, for there still things in there which looked like it had just been used, this could be a trap or an oasis for James in a place like this. Care to join James here as he find things that he can use and be on his way to escape? Place yourself on James' shoes then and ready yourselves for this.

Long Run 01 is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by 5n Games.

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