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Randy's adventure seems to have turn for a bit into the bad side, that's because his travels around the country was perfectly timed for the weeks-long rain, now it had caught-up to him while he was traveling to the wilderness with no shade around. Randy just keeps going through the rain and hoping something would turn-up in the distance to help him escape from it. With all of the bad luck he is experiencing at the moment though, fortunately there was a glitter of hope! For he had found a wooden house in his midst.

The house Randy found seems to be abandoned and a bit scary, but he can't pick at a time like this though, he needs to take what he can get and that poses another challenge to him as well. The house was locked and he needs to find something that can help him get in, and because he is just looking for a favor from the place, he needs to be courteous not to destroy anything or even make a mess, just enough cover that can give him time to dry up. Escape players, will you help Randy here who is in the rain get inside the house quick?

Somewhere is another new point and click rainy outdoors escape game made by 5n Games.

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