Santa Sack Snow Forest Escape Game

Santa Sack Snow Forest Escape

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The snow is starting to cover the land and also the path going through the forest, soon the wilderness will not be safe to pass into anymore for getting lost will be very likely. That's why Christian went while he still can and the snowfall was at the moment still medium, soon heavy snow will fall and he'll spend the next few months in the village where he temporarily stays then until spring. Just when Christian thought he had that problem covered, there was another problem which came-up that he didn't account for, and that is the illusions of the place!

People usually avoid getting lost in the forest for there are strange illusions in the place and if people get lost, the illusions will definitely deal with them so they'll never be found again! That's how ruthless the place can be and that day as Christian travels there, he'll experience it as well.  As Christian travels, he knows he hasn't strayed from the path he is taking, but the illusions were already there and in the form of Christmas sacks! Christian knows not to bother with them, but even still the chances of getting lost now just got a bit higher. Escape players, will you be able to navigate through the snowy illusion-filled forest and get home as soon as possible if you were Christian? Come and try this escape then and see if you can.

Santa Sack Snow Forest Escape is the newest point and click icy wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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