Snow Flakes Land Escape

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The snow had piled-up at the mountains that day, it is time to at least clear some of the piles for there will be more coming in the next few days, and when it gets too much then the village below gets in danger of being in the path of a huge avalanche. That’s why Armando who has the job of blowing-up parts of the piled snow which was at risk of falling into the village, must be on his feet on that for the day while the sun is still up. Throughout the day, Armando cleared a lot of the area and now the mountain holds far less snow which would otherwise go to the village naturally, and that could be devastating. He had saved the village once again from this potentially huge problem and now it’s time to go home, but not fixing something there first for it’s really an issue for him now.

Armando have made a mistake for the first-time in 10 years, the last time he did almost took his life. Now that he did again, then this one has a chance of doing him good. Armando have made a mistake of blowing-up an area and the snow which went lose had went directly to his path for home! Now he can’t pass there for the snow was now thick and lose, he could make another mistake there and plunge himself hundreds of feet into the slopes if he pushes through, that’s why he needs to take another path which he knows would take him longer to get home, and time is of the essence too for soon the sun will be setting and this place will be dark and much colder. Escape players, Armando needs extra help in navigating here now so he can get home before the sun goes down. Want to help him then so he can get home safely?

Snow Flakes Land Escape is another new point and click cold wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Snow Flakes Land Escape

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