Sneaky Treasure Escape Game

Sneaky Treasure Escape

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Sneaky wasn't just out of town for leisure. His agency contacted him early morning yesterday to deliver his mission. Sneaky didn't like waking up very early so you read the message for him. He suddenly woke up and started packing. You sat there just looking at him. But he instantly grabbed you and made you pack your stuffs as well. You told him it was still very early but he just didn't care. Travel was more important than sleep for Sneaky. So you both prepared your stuff for the trip. It was on a beautiful beach where no one would suspect a mission to take place. A follow up message came and it was a warning about Sharkmen. They were your enemies for this mission. Your target was to find the treasure. But you have to be fast or else the Sharkmen could take them away right under your noses.

However, Sneaky lost his focus when he saw the beautiful views. You had to remind him of his mission and the others who were after his target as well. That was when he thought of a way to get to his target faster than the others. And it included a role for you. Play Sneaky Treasure Escape room escape game by Melting-Mindz.

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