Sneaky Chronicles. Aztec Secrets

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Michael and his grandpa finally made their adventure to south America, they were heading to this secret place in a remote area where an ancient temple was standing. Their destination is a really far and somewhat enchanted forest, that’s why grandpa rented his own small plane and flew with him there.

As a war veteran, grandpa was able to fly well even though it was crazy for they flew through an isolated storm and it was definitely a scary ride, but they managed and now they are in their destination. Grandpa is now hyped, he was definitely made for adventures, next they are going to head to this temple which they traveled far to be. Escape players, grandpa and Michael here is going to need some extra help more than they know. Will you stay with them then? At least solve some puzzles which the temple will definitely have and carefully too, for some might trigger a trap or something. Guide Michael and grandpa here on this epic adventure of theirs.

Sneaky Chronicles. Aztec Secrets is the newest point-and-click ancient place escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Sneaky Chronicles. Aztec Secrets

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