Can You Escape Mystique Door Game

Can You Escape Mystique Door

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There is something about this door that caught your attention. This is door's mysterious look makes it interesting. It's so irresistible so you went to it and you touched the door. But as you touch the door, you didn't notice that it's slowly moving you to a secret place. When you turned around you're suddenly in a mystery room. This door is indeed mystique. You tried to open the door but what's on the other side is just pure darkness. You have to solve all the puzzles in this room before the room from the other side appears. With this, you have to start right now and look for clues and hints that can help you to solve these puzzles. However, that's not the only thing that you have to do, you also have to collect items that you can use to escape.

Logic is the most important thing for you to solve this mystery. Without your logic, everything else will fail. Now that you know everything that you have to know, Can You Escape Mystique Door? Play this brand new point n' click room escape game from Zoo Zoo Games to find out the answer. Good luck and have fun!

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