Singer Kitten Rescue

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Alvin has this unusual friend living with him in his simple house in the wilderness, it’s unusual for this friend of his was a cat that can sing! Alvin have no explanation of the sudden change of his cat here, for before she was a normal cat growing normally but as she got older she became vocal until she was able to sing human songs! That’s definitely a strange thing, one that he has definitely no answer of, but he took care of the creature though and kept it a secret for he knows if people finds-out about this creature then they’ll take the little thing away from him.

That day Alvin arrives after coming from town just to buy some supplies and a new cage, the cage was for his modified trap and he just left it there laying around in his living-room for a bit. Alvin just retrieved something from outside and when he returned inside though there was a problem, for his singing cat here entered the cage and got herself trapped in there! Alvin quickly tended to it but unfortunately though he could not open the cage for it was now locked. Okay, guess he needs his tools here now to pry this open and release his beloved cat. Want to help him escape players, maybe help find a key for this thing so he won’t have to destroy it?

Singer Kitten Rescue is a new pet rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Singer Kitten Rescue

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