Sergeant House Escape Game

Sergeant House Escape

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Sergeant House Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games for more dose of escape adventures here with us. Good luck!

Kurt is not a welcome guest here in the sergeant's house, for he had broke into it though, this is absolutely a dangerous thing to do but because Kurt's ball went into the guy's place and he finds the guy very creepy, he decided to take this all on himself and maybe, he'll get his ball and escape like nothing had ever happened. But as Kurt enters the place though, he saw that the ball was now gone and that got him just a little-bit startled, so he decided to just leave the place but right then and there, the real problem started.

Kurt could not open the doors of the house and he absolutely knows now that the lone sergeant is aware of his whereabouts in the house! Kurt needs to find a way out right-now for the guy could just be somewhere and he'll definitely get in some real trouble. Escape players, Kurt needs to escape the sergeant's house and if possible, he must do it quietly. Escape players, care to try the escape adventure here with Kurt and see if you can all make it out with no such confrontation? Have fun then and stay alert.

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