Medieval Castle Escape (Ekey Games) Game

Medieval Castle Escape (Ekey Games)

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Thank you for trying-out the game here everyone, enjoy! Medieval Castle Escape is an exciting point and click indoor escape game developed by Ekey Games for more fun escapes with us everyday.

The medieval castle was once a great center of government through a hierarchy, but that was a long time ago and the kingdom had long since been defeated and what remains is the castle which had a rich history of renovations. It had become an orphanage for decades until, it was restored to its former glory and was back to a castle which was also a historical museum. As one of the curators of the place, Hailey was allowed access to some private quarters and sometimes she enters these places and just sit as well as feel the history that the castle gives-off. But one day however as Hailey entered one of the luxurious private bedrooms to check some stuff, she quickly realize that she is in some trouble and the first thing that came to her mind was she was going to get fired!

Hailey got trapped in the old luxury room for the doors could no longer be opened! And because she doesn't have no one here in the place at the moment, she ain't getting any rescue now except for herself. Escape players, you can join the escape adventure here with Hailey, place yourself on the situation and try your very best to escape the castle as best as you can. Good luck everyone, have fun!

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