A golden sarcophagus is hidden beneath the pyramid in Secret of The Pharaoh's Tomb game.

Secret of The Pharaoh’s Tomb

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Archaeology students are listening to a lecture by Professor Ulrich Adamson. The university professor’s excitement is obvious because of that afternoon’s itinerary. An Egyptian casket or sarcophagus is available for viewing after classes and the next day, too. Convincing the curator is never easy to do. He finally succeeded by sending a convincing letter to the man. Soon, the students are filling the recently opened tomb and fast. The professor starts another lecture but this time, in a more interesting way. Following the curator’s instruction must’ve been hard because no sooner, the students are dodging traps next. The professor now fears for their lives!

Secret of The Pharaoh’s Tomb is a new exclusive escape game for Escape fan. It is developed by Ainars. In this game you play as an adventurer who discovers a Pharaoh’s tomb. It is not easy to get in because you have to solve interesting puzzles. Use your logic and escaping skills to win!

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Walkthrough video for Secret of The Pharaoh’s Tomb

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