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Seaside Escape

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You were deep in sleep and even dreaming in your house and by the time you wake-up, you will know that you are in your room and in your place. But somehow you woke-up and was smelling the fish and the sea breeze! Where in the world are you? You seem to be in some docks or somewhere and it's not at all familiar! You have no idea how you even got to the place and because the coastal area was miles away from your home, it makes this situation even more dumbfounding. There are a lot of questions in your mind now like who would go their way to take you and just leave you in some docks somewhere, did you sleep walk? Well all of this can be solved if you'll only gather yourself and figure-out where you are at, overall solve this before it gets even worst.

Escape player, you strangely found yourself in some docks with nothing on you but the clothes on your back. Will you be able to find anything that can help so you can get back home? Try your skills then and be quite careful, for this place might be significant of why you are there.

Seaside Escape is a brand new point and click docks escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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