Abandoned Creepy Class Room Escape Game

Abandoned Creepy Class Room Escape

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Blake was sent to a classroom but it isn't just any normal classroom where people can learn, it is an abandoned and ruined one and when Blake heard that he'll be tasked to go there and do a survey, he immediately felt uncomfortable. The place was said to be haunted and who knows what he'll encounter there if he takes the task, but he has a name to build however and refusing might disappoint the boss and that's not good at all, so Blake decided to go and do his job there even though deep inside he really doesn't want to.

Blake arrives in the ruined classroom and there he began his study if the place is still salvageable or it needs to be destroyed. As Blake checks, he is slightly more leaning towards the place being toppled down and rebuilt for it seems to be too ruined to renovate. As Blake writes that down, the place might have catch a whiff of that and as a result, it trapped him there with no help at all! Blake tried the door which was still functional and he really thought it was a good thing that it is, but that's the thing that trapped him there though so that's an issue. Escape players, will you help Blake here escape? For he can't think clearly now and nothing is on his mind except that the place is haunted!

Abandoned Creepy Class Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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