Save The Princess Cinderella Game

Save The Princess Cinderella

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You were a member of a special unit for the royal family's security meant to save the Princess Cinderella. You started there as a young helper. Then when you reached your teens, the security team trained you. You were the last person to be part of the team. You move like you were part of the royal family yourself. Your only included light ones and you mostly stayed inside. Even the princess might not have seen you. Sometimes your colleagues would tease you as a ghost inside the castle. You would laugh with them but never reveal your real identity. Your special task was to make sure you kept a close eye on the princess. So you would try your best to always have an excuse to be where she was. However, when Prince Ken came, your cover always almost vanished.

Prince Ken must have found you amusing being silent and all. So he would follow you around and ask you many questions even if he received no reply. He was following you around the garden. But then you saw Princess Cinderella dragged towards the forest. You skillfully hit him somewhere that would leave him unconscious for a few minutes while you saved the princess. Play Save The Princess Cinderella outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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