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Fantasy For Princess Escape

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You weren't supposed to be living inside the castle. Your parents were farmers who had just enough to feed the three of you. But one day, they were able to do a huge good deed to a person they didn't even know. It turned out to be the king and queen of the kingdom. They were trying to see how their people were living. Yet they had a little accident along the way and your parents were at the right place and time. So they helped out the couple without thinking much of the reward they'd gain. But the king and queen couldn't let this good deed slide. They offered to take you in the castle and receive the education and opportunities they see fitted. And this made the royal couple even more famous. The queen particularly received more and more praises for her kindness and beauty.

Yet not everyone was happy with the way things were going. Known to all, a witch was residing deep in the forest. The queen was already happy to have the kingdom united and would like to have the witch take part in it. But the witch had other plans. She lured the queen into the forest and turned her into a frog. You witnessed all of these. And it was up to you to bring the queen back to her normal state. Play Fantasy For Princess Escape outdoor escape game by Sivi Games.

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