Sassy Fairy Escape Game

Sassy Fairy Escape

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Joan is heading to the forest once again and she does that occasionally to meet her friend who lives there. Her friend isn't really a normal person, for she is a fairy and she guards the entire wilderness here. It is a long story of how they became friends, but she knows her closely already and the fairy can be a bit sassy at times, and that's okay for Joan can be friends to everyone. As she travels Joan knows that she is closing-in at her friend's place for the land is getting lusher and different, but that day though things were a little strange and she is seeing that somehow something is not right, and indeed she was right for the fairy is currently in some trouble!

Joan found the fairy trapped in something sh doesn't quite understand! It was kind of like a crystal and she can't even touch it. It's so tough that the fairy can't even do anything about it. Joan have no idea what happened here, but a friend is in trouble so she needs to be there for really, she is the only one there that can help her friend. Escape players, you are there as well, but this is to test your skills of rescue and escape. Will your skills be enough to break the strange spell dealt on the fairy?

Sassy Fairy Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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