Scacchic House Escape

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Your neighbors have told you about the difficulty of the escape house which had been created just for fun, the creators of it just wanted to provide extra fun and problem solving activities in the area, but it turned out too well than they expected. You got very curious of it for you are quite confident of your escape skills, so you signed-up and when your turn came, you never thought that the place would really thwart you for real!

At first it was good the rooms were decent and the clues were easy to understand, some of the needed items are easy to find, you even questioned while you were in there about its difficulty, where was it now? Then it came-up and it all started when you tried to get out from one of the rooms there. The door you were trying to open would not let you solve it and it seems that the puzzles there are a lot difficult than you thought. Guess this is where the real trials begin, luckily you had expected this, but the problem is will you be able to get through those escape players?

Scacchic House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.