Villainous Rat Escape

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Everybody is aware of the rat now in the village, it wasn’t just any rat though, it was “The rat” and that creature is very crafty with everything it does. From burglary to escaping from anything! That thing is definitely an expert. There was even a rumor that the said rat is a member of a gang and they have trained the little guy to do their criminal activities. The rat might be one of them but it’s still an animal and it cannot be blamed fully, Reginald however is very interested of the creature for he had seen it in action once, it was incredible! So he thought one day maybe he can catch it and then teach it not to do these evil things but instead, master its skill to do good. That is a highly dangerous thing Reginald have thought for he will come against the gang here whom he knows will come for the rat, but he can’t just let that talent go to waste now and fall into evil, and that day he will have his chance.

Reginald found the rat trapped in something! Aha! He said. This could be his long awaited chance, how joyous was he, but there is still a lot of challenges here for him, fail one and he might lose the rat. Escape players, Reginald needs to be very calm here as he frees the rat delicately, want to join him so his attempt can be successful here?

Villainous Rat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.