Santa Rescue Game

Santa Rescue

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Everybody had been looking for Santa for after he arrived from his annual gift-giving mission, he said he was going to get something in one of his wooden cabins across North pole but from then, he did not return. Everyone had already looked for him but it seems Santa was nowhere to be found! The worker elves have also checked every possible room he could be in but no such luck until, one elf ventured farther and located one of Santa's forgotten wooden cabins and at some point as he was getting closer to it, he started to hear some calls for help!

That elf was Vini and he never even realized he was going to do a most vital rescue here. Vini found Santa trapped in that said house and in his mind he thought, was Santa's Christmas magic not working? Most probably for he should have used it by now. Something might be wrong here and that's getting Vini really concerned of Santa's safety. Escape players, care to join the rescuer elf Vini here and see if you can get Santa out from being trapped? Go ahead and try then, quickly too for each spent minute could be crucial for him.

Santa Rescue is another new point and click snowy rescue escape game made by Mirchigames.

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