Find The Christmas Gift (Mirchigames) Game

Find The Christmas Gift (Mirchigames)

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Cole traveled through the vast snowy forest just to deliver his gift for Christmas to a person who had once saved his life, his place is pretty far from civilization and they live in a small warm cabin in the middle of the snowy plains. Actually there is a nearby town from them, but the town itself too was pretty far so there is no other way for Cole to get there but through the icy-cold wilderness. Cole had also brought some gifts to this guy's family for if it wasn't for their father, he wouldn't have made it through that accident. The final push to the house was upon him when Cole checked his baggage, that's where he realized there was a hole in the bag and one present was missing!

Cole knew then that present had went through the hole and it could be somewhere way back in the path or in one of two stop-houses he had stopped by. That present so happens to be for the one that saved him, that's why Cole really went back and get that present for if it ever fell outdoors, then wolves might get curious of it and destroy it. Escape players, join Cole here as he finds a missing gift from his pack in the wide and cold wilderness.

Find The Christmas Gift is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames.

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