Rescue The Little Santa

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Santa cannot reach this area of the snowy mountains for the weather there is very erratic and absolutely dangerous. Santa himself have went through a lot in the place whenever he passes, the fact that there is still a village with children there gives him the reason to still proceed in the place, but just recently though he had been receiving extra help so he wouldn’t endanger himself in the treacherous journey.

Santa has helpers and for this said village, it was this boy who is called the little Santa Tim. Same as Santa, this boy has almost the same abilities as him. He is very much successful with the tasks too and not a miss on his streak. But little Santa Tim needs saving that day though and it so happened that you were the first in the scene escape players! Okay then, want to see what happened to this all-important boy and if you can ever help him from whatever trouble he is experiencing?

Rescue The Little Santa is another new point-and-click snowy wilderness rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Little Santa

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