Samurai Room Escape Game

Samurai Room Escape

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Have fun on this escape here from a traditional Japanese home. Samurai Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Selfdefiant. Enjoy!

The samurai who lives nearby Chen is kind of a freaky person, a bit weird but he understands though, for war can be unforgettable and can also do pretty life-changing things especially if he or she belongs to the ones who saw combat. He is now a retired samurai for the last war he had fought was one of the last skirmishes in the country. Chen is curious of the guy though, he lives alone so how does he keep that up all day? How does he keep himself entertained? Does he still have his samurai gear with him? Chen had a lot of questions but the last one however, was enough to really let him decide to enter his house without him knowing.

Escape players, Chen had finally made it inside the samurai's little but awesome house while the owner was away, he is just curious to see if the sword he used was still there and the armor which definitely saw war. Well, he did got himself into something there and that is being trapped in the place, for the house was actually rigged! Oh no, this is definitely a situation here and if the samurai returns while he is still inside then he might hack him or something. Chen needs to escape here quick and he needs your help everyone. Join him then and escape as quickly as possible. Good luck!

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