Escape From Church Cemetery Game

Escape From Church Cemetery

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Escape From Church Cemetery is the newest point and click scary dark place escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun on this adventure here everyone!

The fables were actually real! There was indeed an abandoned church in the middle of the forest and beside it is an old cemetery which still has its headstones and most dates back to the 1400's. Jordan was absolutely delighted that he had reached the forgotten place, for he only reads them in books which were very accurate but through the years, nobody seems to confirm if the place is real or not until, he came along and now he was looking at it with his own eyes in actuality! But unfortunately, this adventure had taken pretty long and that's why he is there now standing in the darkness where shadows moves in the corner of his eyes.

Jordan got what he came for now and it's time to leave for the nearest inhabited house is still a ways away, he still has a chance to return but if he doesn't go now then he will not have another. Escape players, care to join with Jordan here on this escape from a pretty dark and scary place? Good luck then and enjoy this escape!

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