Sacred Temple Escape Game

Sacred Temple Escape

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Aaron and his team was having a hard-time trying to get inside the old castle which was completely shut and a week had already passed but still they couldn't move such heavy carved stones which fit perfectly in their orifices. There has got to be a way to do this and quickly before funding stops. One day, Aaron finally did it but in a way however that he couldn't understand and the concerns for that was more than the accomplishment of finally getting inside the temple.

Aaron was sleeping in his tent and was even dreaming of ways to get inside the sealed place, he even dreamed of puzzles he must solve and levers to manipulate so he can enter, it might have worked though for when he woke-up, he found himself not in his temporary quarters anymore but inside the temple they were trying to get in! Aaron was really confused how for he should be in his tent and shall start another day of trying to get inside the old structure, but it seems to be that he is already in there and unfortunately, trapped. Escape players, you can understand if Aaron doesn't want to be proud of this, for he doesn't even know how he managed to get in while he was sleeping, maybe he is still dreaming? Come and join Aaron here everyone and try your best to escape the ancient temple.

Sacred Temple Escape is another new point and click ancient place escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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