Love Bunny Forest Escape Game

Love Bunny Forest Escape

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Living in the forest beyond the city's park have not been easy, that's because it has its own challenges and most are indeed difficult, well at least Steven who lives there has a neighbor and those are just a couple of rabbits living in a hole. The two are not at all skittish, they come close to Steven and sometimes even ask for fresh produce from him whenever he comes from the store, those two are just like his guard-dogs but they don't bark and bite. One day however, Steven observed the two rabbits but sadly there weren't two of them and the one left wasn't at ease at all.

Steven tried to really understand the movements of the rabbit but when he figured it out, the rabbit became tired of being uneasy. The rabbit was actually missing its partner and it was trying to get some help from him! Wow, that one is intelligent! Steven decided that this rabbit's genes must be passed for it seems to be smart and of course that will only happen if he tries to help him find his partner. Escape players, the other rabbit is clearly not down their den for Steven can take a peek at it with a torch, it surely is somewhere in the area. Will you join Steven here and see if you can help him find the missing partner of the rabbit and potentially save it?

Love Bunny Forest Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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