Rumpus House Escape Game

Rumpus House Escape

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One by one Allison is checking the vacant houses in the neighborhood for she needed to move there because finally, she is free from the constricts of the city where she currently lives. In her search however, she got herself in one of the houses there which was a bit too noisy, possibly due to the wooden floorboards there in some of the rooms and she really doesn't like that, for wood when it gets wet causes mold. And so she took her leave to check the next place but then, it seems that house desperately wants someone to live in it, for Allison could no longer get herself out of the house!

Allison could not open the door and when she called for the broker who was with her, she was nowhere to be found! Minutes passed and Allison was given no other choice here, she must get herself out using what she can find for really her confusion is getting her very scared. Escape players, you now play as Allison here and you are trapped in the house she doesn't even like. Will you be able to escape using your skills and logic here so she can be on her way?

Rumpus House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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